sent from my iPhone

by Crusade

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i recorded these songs on my iPhone. the last track is a bad one take death cab cover.


released January 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Crusade Nashville, Tennessee

Music that probably would have been cool in 2002

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Track Name: fast food confessional
It's a possibility my shape has expanded
into a measure of what your heart had demanded.
I'd rather be w/o you, alone in my head
than hear stupid catch phrases like "that's yr opinion man."

Yeah I'll step outside the car into the midnight rain falling
while you calm yrself down I kept dry under the awning
of a commonly known chain of fast food restaurants
but I can't talk abt it, no I can't talk abt it now.

You should know that life isn't private
I should find a way to keep my self from talking
but that's beside the point you're so keen on believing
that I am wrong- but it's no secret.

It's fine, I get it, I'm adept at constructing worlds
just as well as you are, the difference between structure
is internal and how fear motivates creation
well no one is looking, so what are you afraid of?

You're in a hyper dependent relationship
and I'll stay in solitude complacent
bet you would love that, yeah you would love that.
I could be that for you.
Track Name: garlic won't kill yr vampires
Upright prayin' that you don't fall,
Fever glow, goin like a fireball
Right from yr heaven's breast

Uptown Spirits is an oversight
Paint me a watercolor purple skies,
Tie me to the mast.

And I clean the floor on Saturdays
Unholy form black forest shade
Take a number sit and wait
Feast aplenty, barren plate.

I don't have the words to say
That's bigger than what you've displayed
I don't have myself to blame but,
I felt your outerspace.

God's glow, gleaming off a flashlight
Haunted woods, show me where the path lies
Right to yr heart outstretched.

Blood oath taken at the ridgeline
Cast spells and try to find the other spies:
Life is such a mess :/
Track Name: death of an interior decorator (dcfc cover)
ask Ben Gibbard